Hold It! A Special Message Before You Go…

Hi There, John Todora again with a few words and thoughts to share with you.

Firstly, congratulations and thank you for investing in The Scoremetrics VIP Alerts Membership.

You’ve made a wise decision and have in your hands a priceless portfolio of wealth-building sports trading materials…

You’ve already taken the first step to financial freedom by getting The Scoremetrics VIP Alerts Membership.

So now it’s time to take your sports trading to the next level, just like the Hall Of Famers who aren’t content with winning anything just ONCE.

These guys are always hungry, and always looking not just to repeat but to THREEpeat, and more.

Just like in another sport, where the Triple Crown, is the title awarded to a three-year-old Thoroughbred horse who wins the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.

The three biggest US horse races and the ones every rider wants to win.

But I’m going to take this a massive step further and give you the chance to cash in every day with your own sports trading ‘Triple Crown’.

With The Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package.

That’s where you get my full trading package for BASEBALL, BASKETBALL and for FOOTBALL.

They’re exactly like the one you’ve already got with my Scoremetrics Premium Package for baseball, to make sure your sports trading opportunities are fully diversified.

And to make this deal even more of a no brainer, and as a thank you from me, when you respond today

Not only will you get your VIP Alerts for all 3 sports.

When you respond to this message right now, you’ll also receive THREE extra bonus gifts.

Your very own trading plans for the post-regular-season playoffs of ALL three sports
For the Baseball postseason (to add to the Scoremetrics Premium Package for the baseball regular season).

For both the NBA and NCAA basketball postseason games (to add to your full disclosure regular season basketball trading blueprints).

AND for the football NFL playoffs, right up to and including Superbowl!.

But you only get this deal for The Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package when you respond right now, today, while you’re reading this:

So to recap, your Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package covers all the bases, not only for all the regular season MLB, NBA and NFL games, but ALSO for all the postseason playoff games.

Hell of a good deal, I do say so myself.

OK, so you’ve seen what’s on offer, and how having six sports trading markets (three regular season AND three post-season) could make you a LOT more money than one.

What’s the investment to receive the Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package?

That’s where you get all my non-market-correlated sports trading strategies for the ‘Big Three’, baseball, basketball and football.

You’ve already got The Scoremetrics VIP Alerts Membership, which fully covers all your trading for upcoming season.

With The Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package you’ll get my full trading packages for the entire MLB and NBA regular season PLUS my trading package the entire NFL regular season.

Plus, when you order today (and like I said before), you’ll ALSO get my trading plans for the post-regular-season playoffs for all three of these sports…

All of which will cover all your trading bases for the next 12 months and give you the chance to more than double your ROI during that time.

So when it came to deciding on an offer, I thought long and hard about what it should be, seeing as my regular season trading packages for the NBA and NFL are on offer at $1,999 each, and the three post season packages are on offer at $799 each.

If math comes easy to you, then you’ll know this works out to a total of $6,395, a fantastic deal when you’re getting three complete sports trading packages covering the entire regular season AND post season trading opportunities, three non-market-correlated sports trading packages which are fully backed-tested for over 10 YEARS.

In just the last 3 years...

Our MLB system has churned out annual ROIs of 168.56% (2017), 136.94% (2018) and 217.92% (2019).

Our NBA system has been just as strong with ROIs of 168.59% (2017), 136.98% (2018) and 235.64% (2019).

The NFL system, even with fewer games, has also had incredible ROIs of 75.13% (2017), 133.45% (2018) and 148.43% (2019).

With profits of 9,625.81% over 5 MLB seasons.

With profits of 9,625.21% over 5 NBA seasons.

And 3,425.65% in profit over 5 NFL seasons...

But given that you’ve already invested in The Scoremetrics VIP Alerts Membership for a season

And because you’ve shown your faith in me by investing in it, I want to make this a ‘no brainer’ and give you a really good deal so you’re fully covered for sports trading across the Big 3 Sports, and you don’t miss out on one single profit opportunity.

When you get The Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package today you won’t be investing $6,395 or even half that amount.

Your ‘today only’ investment to get The Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package, is a one-time-only $2,499, a $3,896 saving from the regular investment and only $6.83 a day spread over a year…

Let’s talk about what that means.
If you put $1,000 into each league with my back-tested systems over the last 3 years, you’d be sitting on:

$22,598.01 from your MLB trades
$21,360.80 from your NBA trades
$10,156.78 from your NFL trades
That's an incredible return of $54,115.59 on that tiny investment into each.

What else can do this?

The quick answer is, there IS nothing else that even comes close.


And right now you’re at a ‘red pill blue pill’ Matrix moment.

It’s the kind of moment you only experience a few times in your life, like when you get your driver’s license, your first car, your first job, your first time…

I’m saying this because whether it’s in your career, love, or finance, you don’t regret the opportunities you take.

It’s the opportunities you DON’T take that eat away at your soul in the dead of night, when you’re alone with your thoughts and can’t lie to yourself.

Those terrifying moments where you think “if only I’d done this…”

When you wish you hadn’t listened to those people, who were frightened by your success, and wanted to dump on your dreams by telling you to listen to reason, and desperate to drag you back down to their level - don’t let that be you.

Look, I’ve been on both ends of this financial deal – 1%er wealthy and flat broke - and if you didn’t know it already, being broke SUCKS.

I was there, burning with rage and pain, and it drove me to do whatever it took to make a ton of money and never be in that terrible place ever again.

A bunch of people said I was crazy, and actively wanted me to fail, but the greatest revenge is massive success and boy was it sweet to prove those losers wrong.

I'm living proof that nothing is impossible for someone who commits to reason and opportunity. And considering the life-changing amounts of money you could make from your Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package, you’ll have every reason – and every opportunity – to prove all your critics wrong.

It’s a golden opportunity to set yourself up for enjoying winning trades in all three of the major sports, and make 2021 – and beyond – the time of your life.

I’m almost done here, but I’ll leave you with this thought…

Normally when someone is trying to make you a “big offer” they’ll go on and on for hours…

But over the time we’ve been together you’ve seen I do things a little different…
Your time is precious.

And there’s no time to lose.

So make sure you reserve your Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package right now, while you’re reading this, and gain the financial freedom to create the opportunities which can create your dream future.

To get your Scoremetrics Triple Crown Package, just click directly below this line.

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